Emergency boiler repair services


Emergency Boiler repair,


Is your boiler flashing an error code and will not re-ignite even after you’ve tried to reset it several times ? Why not try some of our tips regarding boiler error messages. We know you are not an engineer and we do not expect you to fix complicated issues with your own boiler , that’s why if our tips guidance cannot help tackle the problem, then you should


Call our Emergency fast response line now on 08002461256



Emergency Gas leak detect and repair


Did you just have your Gas meter capped off by a previous engineer or the gas company because they found some irregularities on your installation or some gas leak ? Or are you having the filling you can smell gas anytime you go past that same spot in your house ? Is your neighbour always complaining of a gas smell and cannot tell where the smell arises from ? All these types of questions can be answered by our trained ,qualified and registered gas engineers . we are trained , qualified and equipped with the right brain and tool to trace any gas leak complaint and resolve. We will re establish your gas after gas leak fault has been traced and repaired.

Why choose us

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Professional Work


  • Approach any job methodically
  • Work efficiently
  • Work Fast and accurately
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Great Reliable Team


  • Carry most parts in our Van
  • Gauranty all new repairs
  • Always answer your phone call
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Peace of mind guaranty


  • Guaranty all Wormanship
  • Are Registered business / Gas Safe
  • Have a Public Liability Ins to £5M


Hi there. Please don’t forget to mention “10% web deal” and get 10% Off Labour cost from your final bill ( Subject to T&Cs).


Kamdem Hometech has been around Manchester, Bolton and Wigan for so many years now and has many customers and good feedbacks to prove our excellent reputation


When you call us, we will mostly be able to give you a rough idea of cost on the phone. Also if need be, we will travel to you, see the job and give you an estimate free of charge.