Emergency Plumbing DIY Tips

Guaranty tips to help you stay Calm

Kamdem Hometech is a Plumbing Heating and Gas Safe Registered Company serving Manchester Bolton Wigan and Leigh and we are very experience. Please just trust our advice whilst remaining focus on helping with what seems to be an emergency.

1- Boiler making a loud noise like it is going to blow.

Remain calm, it will not . UK manufacturer are clever enough to always include three safety measures in all boilers specially the modern ones ( a high limit safety cut off thermostat, a pressure relief valve or emergency discharge valve and finally a gas shut off mechanism) safety devices get activated and constantly monitors your boiler from the moment it is turned ON.

Give us a call on 07826088938 or 08002461256 , remain calm…we are on our way to help solve the issue.2- Water poring from ceiling.

Before you start calling 999, ask yourself this first question ; is the leak from a water pipe or from a waste pipe.

Water pipe : If the leak is from a water pipe it will likely be clean and no smell , plus it will drip continuously non stop no matter how loud you scream top of your voice. First, What you want to do is pay attention to the precise location it might be dripping down from, secondly , you want to then go on the next floor up directly above the dripping leak and identify the likely leaky appliance whether from behind WC, under bath panel or behind Wash hand basin. once you find the leak, isolate it using a flat head screwdriver via the isolation valve if one if fitted. if not find the main stop tap and rapidly turn it all the way in the clockwise direction to stop the water . Next give us a call on 07826088938 or 08002461256 and we will be on our way to help solve the issue.

Waste pipe: If the leak is from a waste pipe , you are in luck because this means if no one uses the bath , WC or wash hand basin upstairs , it will not drip. you will know leak is from waste pipe when dripping only increases when someone had been in the upstairs bathroom. Usually water dripping is dirty and could smell.

Call us and we will be on our way to help solve the issue.

3- More DIY tips to follow soon

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