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On This page we like to show some of the jobs we have come accross. We measure our success on the number of calls we receive and can confim that the public like us

Monoblock Kitchen Mixer Tap

This is a customer kitchen sink where we have removed the existing old kitchen monoblock mixer tap for replacement

Kitchen mixer tap replacement

Monoblock kitchen mixer tap replacement job now complete. Then we take care to tidy up and rearrange your displaced detergents bottles

Gas fire servicing

You will not believe by looking at the picture that this gas fire is unsafe to use. Flue flow passed OK, but failed on spillage. click below to know more.

Gas Hob Installation

Domestic Gas Hob installation is not for the learner Gas engineer. To achieve this task efficiently , you must be extra competent unlike Gas Cookers installs

U16 Gas meter

This Gas meter is the biggest we are allowed to work on in the domestic range. 16 cubic meter is almost 4 times what your standard domestic holds

Worcester Boiler servicing

Everytime an engineer performs a servicing on a condensing boiler, it is important that he maintains the condensate syphon clean at the end.

Worcester boiler installation

Most prefered boiler by the UK population. As an engineer, I say , it is not the best boiler . I actually recommend others makes and models.

Gas pipe - Burst pipes

Had to lift up the floor boards to access this burst gas pipe. If you smell gas , my advice is call a gas safe registered engineer for investigation.

Gas appliance installation

This is one of our installations after a new kitchen had just been installed. We also work for builders and joiners and at very resonnable costs.

New Water Closet Installed

toilet toilet[WC Installation]


Bathroom Installation

Bathroom installation.

Illegal Gas pipe installation.

burst pipe On this picture , We spotted a wiring 240V electrical cable crossing a life Gas pipe. Imagine if the cable heat up and sparks with the gas pipe when there is a leak in it. This has since been resolved !


Gas Hob Installation

gas hob gas hob installation


Another Gas hob installation

range cooker range cooker[/Gas Hob].


Can you spot the fault ?

first fix cooker Gas pipe first fix cooker Gas pipe


Gas range cooker installation

cooker installation cooker installation[/Gas range cooker installation]


Combi boiler installation


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