We will safely install your new cooker, range cooker, oven or hob for you. Here’s everything you need to know about our installation service.

Hot Zone

Hot Zone

The hot zone is the area directly above your cooker or hob. Before installation please ensure that this area is free from flammable items including wood, wallpaper, plug sockets, wiring or an overhanging boiler. Unfortunately, if we arrive and the hot zone isn’t clear, we may not be able to complete your installation.

Electricity Rating

Another consideration is the appliance’s amp rating. If you’re upgrading to a newer model, you may find there’s a considerable difference in the power needed. Prior to purchase, you can check the amp rating in the product specifications. It will also be found in the item’s user manual. One way to check your kitchen’s electrical set-up is by its sockets.
Electricity Rating


Gas safety regulations also dictate that there must be adequate ventilation in the room where the appliance is to be installed – if you don’t have a window or door to the outside world in your kitchen, think about opting for a suitable electric model instead.

Gas Supply

Is there an existing gas supply to the installation point, and a 3 pin electric socket or cooker point within 1.5m of the installation location? We can extend your gas pipework to your existing gas supply if we need to.


Gas Supply
Our engineers are Gas Safe registered...

Our engineers are Gas Safe registered…

Our Gas Safe registered engineers will put your mind at ease and install your appliance properly and safely. You’ll also receive a gas safety certificate that you can use as part of your house insurance.
...and part of the Safe Contractor scheme

…and part of the Safe Contractor scheme

All of our engineers are part of the Safe Contractor scheme, so you can rest assured that we will get the job done safely and efficiently. All the work is monitored by an independent body to give you that extra peace of mind.

Key Points

  • A gas cooker still requires an electricity supply
  • We can supply 1.5m of cabling if required
  • Before connection, we’ll check your electrics

  • We’ll also check your fuse box
  • Range cookers will require more power than a cooker
  • Your plug sockets indicate your current amp rating

Use this checklist before you order our installation services. Make sure that:

  • You’ve removed any combustible items from the hot zone
  • You’ve double checked that there is an existing gas or electric supply to the place you want your appliance installed
  • You have a 3pin electric socket or a big red switch within where your new cooking appliance is going to live. We can extend your existing gas pipework if it’s needed
  • You know where your gas/electric meters and fuse box are, as the Engineer will need access to these
  • You have double-checked there is suitable ventilation (a window or door to the outside world), in the room where your new cooking appliance is going to live
  • If you meter is pre-paid that there is available credit in Gas and Electric.

Also, please note:

  • One item we do not install is cooker hoods. If we are fitting a cooker or hob under an existing cooker hood, please ensure that it’s been installed at least 75cm above your new appliance.
  • Premium installations on ovens, cookers, range cookers, built-in microwaves and hobs are not available at commercial properties that don’t have a secondary domestic meter.

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