Worcester Combination Boiler installation|Repair|Servicing

I am Kamdem. 12 years now as an experienced Plumber and Registered Domestic Gas Engineer.

If i had it my way. I will ban this particular design of Worcester Combination Boiler.Here are my reasons:For all installation repair or servicing,

  • Most important components are hard to reach.
  • Combustion chamber difficult to clean during servicing or repair.
  • After eventual opening and cleaning of combustion chamber, no effective way for checking weither it’s really clean and that all hanging particles were removed.
  • Simple ignition electrode assembly replacement is a nightmare job.
  • Gas valve bottom electrical connection touching boiler casing base resulting to fault code showing at the slightest rain fall and windy conditions.
  • Expansion vessel ( BIGGEST TROUBLE ) Expansion vessel replacement job is a whole half a day job and i can assure you it’s not for the faint hearted engineer. You think they will make this part easily accessible as it’s the most commonly replaced part in most combination Boilers. NO. Worcester want you to suffer if this part were to breakdown. Ha ha ha .
  • Left and right side hydroblocks purposely design to fail by leaking through a pin hole pre made by Worcester rubbish moulding cast. Humm…
  • The list go on… If Worcester do not change their ways. I will stop recommending their boilers. It’s just the big name you pay for . Nothing special or better compare to a Main, Baxi, Ideal which are all very well laid out, design to work for Us the engineers and good for customer wallet unlike the Worcester. Take a look at a recommended design layout below.

All parts easy reach. Installation, cleaning or servicing are all simple task.Any comment is welcome. Thanks

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