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Magna Clean Professional

This device when fitted to your domestic Central Heating system reduces dirt going into your boiler and attacking it’s main components.

Fitted, this device will increase your new boiler lifespan by 1/3 .

We recommend the fitting of a Magnetic cleaner on all newly installed Boiler and Central Heating system.

Gas safe registered

You put your goods and families at risk by employing a not-Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Always ask to see his gas card and make sure it says at the back that he is allow to perform the task you got him out for.

Gas Hob installation

We have been installing all types of domestic Gas Hob for about 11 years now .

Experience is not the question .

You can rely on us to install your newly purchased gas hob professionally and affordably .

Boiler servicing in Bolton

On this picture. You can clearly see a very dirty boiler condensate trap siphon . If you’re doubting what this mean , then call me and I will explain more.

The dangers of a clogged up boiler trap are :

  • Boiler malfunction
  • Backflow of debris to main heat exchanger
  • Cause damage to the ignition or spark electrode
  • Cause damage to flame sensing electrode
  • Noisy system
  • Inefficient gas and electricity boiler consumption
  • Etc.

We aim to avoid any of these happening to your Heating system by servicing you Combi boiler or system boiler at least once every 12 months.

Worcester Combination Boiler

Worcester Combination Boiler installation|Repair|Servicing

I am Kamdem. 12 years now as an experienced Plumber and Registered Domestic Gas Engineer.

If i had it my way. I will ban this particular design of Worcester Combination Boiler.Here are my reasons:For all installation repair or servicing,

  • Most important components are hard to reach.
  • Combustion chamber difficult to clean during servicing or repair.
  • After eventual opening and cleaning of combustion chamber, no effective way for checking weither it’s really clean and that all hanging particles were removed.
  • Simple ignition electrode assembly replacement is a nightmare job.
  • Gas valve bottom electrical connection touching boiler casing base resulting to fault code showing at the slightest rain fall and windy conditions.
  • Expansion vessel ( BIGGEST TROUBLE ) Expansion vessel replacement job is a whole half a day job and i can assure you it’s not for the faint hearted engineer. You think they will make this part easily accessible as it’s the most commonly replaced part in most combination Boilers. NO. Worcester want you to suffer if this part were to breakdown. Ha ha ha .
  • Left and right side hydroblocks purposely design to fail by leaking through a pin hole pre made by Worcester rubbish moulding cast. Humm…
  • The list go on… If Worcester do not change their ways. I will stop recommending their boilers. It’s just the big name you pay for . Nothing special or better compare to a Main, Baxi, Ideal which are all very well laid out, design to work for Us the engineers and good for customer wallet unlike the Worcester. Take a look at a recommended design layout below.

All parts easy reach. Installation, cleaning or servicing are all simple task.Any comment is welcome. Thanks

Gas fire installation Manchester

Looking for a gas fire installation in Manchester? You are at the right place. We are one of the best gas fire services providers in Manchester. When you contact us for getting a gas fire installed, we conduct an inspection of your place to check the gas supply and see what type of flue you have. After the inspection, we advise you on the installation and provide you with a quote.

Our team is expert in being able to install all types of gas fires including conventional flue gas fires, high efficiency gas fire, balanced flue gas fires, outset gas fires, wall-hung gas fireplaces, double-sided gas fires and gas stoves. If needed, we also carry out all building work needed to install your new gas fire. This may include plastering, new lintels and building work. We can also fit new hybrid gas fire models which allow you to combine high efficiency and output while chimney not being necessary. We can even construct a completely new flue system in properties with newly built extensions, conservatories or no chimneys.

Gas fire fitting Manchester

All our engineers are Gas Safe Registered and highly trained. With us, you can be assured that your gas fire is safely fitted and you have all the paperwork that your property or home insurance requires. For the most reliable and safe gas fire fittings, gas fire installations and gas fire replacements in Manchester call us or drop us an email. We can also give you a no-obligation quote for the same.

It is very important to have your Gas fire install by a registered domestic local Gas engineer.

Boiler Installer in Manchester

Installing a boiler can be a tough and long task, but not for our experienced and skilled engineers. We, at Kamdem Hometech, are leaders in boiler installation in Manchester. We have served multiple households and customers through our installation services, and are trusted by them to keep them warm and safe throughout the year.

We operate through set service and safety standards and strive to provide services in a cost effective and efficient manner. By delegating installations to expert engineers, who are registered with Gas Safety Register, we make sure that your boiler installation process goes perfectly fine and you are completely satisfied with our services. We also take care of not damaging the surfaces or carpets that are surrounding the installation area.

Combi boiler repair in Manchester – Boiler installer in Manchester

Combi boilers, or combination boilers are generally considered to be the most cost-effective and easiest way to install a central heating system. These boilers do not have cold water attic tanks or hot water storage cylinders.  Instead, they heat water on demand or as required. These, however, require expertise in installation, and our engineers are trained and skilled to carry out the installations.

We understand that it can be very frustrating for you to experience a boiler break down in the middle of something, which is why we provide quick boiler repair and, if needed, new boiler installation services in Manchester. We know that your comfort should not be compromised in any way and you should not face inconvenience whatever the reason may be.


Bath Tap Installation in Stockport


There are 4 main types of bath taps.

  • Singles – comprises one hot leg on the left and one cold leg on the right. You can only operate one tap at the time.
  • Bath mixer tap -comprises two hot and cold legs going into one tap to spout . You can open the hot and the cold to mix into one outlet spout to obtain nice warm water. If not careful children and elderly may operate only the hot side of the one tap and scalp themselves. Not very ideal for homes with vulnerable children and elderly.
  • Bath shower mixer Tap – this is the same as the described above, only different as it has another exit spout usually bottom side of tap helping to attach a shower flexi spray and get a shower from a bath mixer. Again ,If not careful children and elderly may operate only the hot side of the one tap and scalp themselves. Not very ideal for homes with vulnerable children and elderly.
  • Thermostatic Bath shower mixer Tap – this tap is actually a Thermostatic shower valve in the form of a bath tap. This is the ideal bath tap to use in home occupy by vulnerable children and elderly because iy has a Thermostatic mixer amd cannot go pass scalding temperature.

Tap on this picture is a simple Bath shower mixer.


The one and only item everyone comes across in a kitchen is the tap.We use a kitchen tap to wash our hands, plates, pots, and also samsung galaxy phones after we accidentally drop it the soup …ha ha .

I prefert kitchen mixer tap because it helps to mix the hot and cold water and achieve a good comfortable mix during use.

Thermostatic mixer shower installation

We can install a shower in placeof a bath to save on space in your current bathroom ( after all. Most men will prefert a shower to a bath …ha ha )

Out of all types of shower on the market. I personally like to recommend thermostatic bar mixers because not only it’s easy to install or replace, it’s the great look and the cheapest to purchase .

Call us now and we can tell you more at absolutely no cost to you all.

U16 Gas meter.

  • This morning. Kamdem was called out to gas safety inspection and certification in a Property. ( must be a footballer ) Really huge house. Anyways. Kamdem was please to come across this humongous Gas meter once more . Remember we saw one 2 years ago in Oldham. We was please to assist this customer and gave her our card for next year service. When you use us for your Gas safety inspection and certification jobs, we make sure we do a good job and we also take the responsibility of reminding you when your next gas service is due every year.

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