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Leaky water pipe or Burst pipe repair

WC toilet installation

Sink installation – Wash hand Basin installation

Shower installation and Shower cubicle screen installation


Our Plumbing Services

Bathroom Installation Services


Your Bathroom is the most important if not the most visited room in your home.

Professional design, quality products, expert installation and market-leading project management are all vital elements to ensure your new bathroom looks and fills amazing.

We Design, Supply & Install bathrooms for busy homeowners who need a simple process without the hassle of vetting tradesmen and managing a project.

Plumbing Repairs & Maintenance


Plumbing repairs and maintenance we carry out consist of making sure that your water pipes and appliances continue to serve you as it should in their most efficient way without disruptions due to leaks, damage to pipes or units. in other word , we repair all water carrying devices like your water tank , immersion heater, pump, diverter valve, toilet, sink, wash hand basin, bath, shower, shower pump, shower cubicle, shower tray, leaky kitchen tap, leaky bath tap, Unvented Water Heater, ball valve, stop valve or stopcock, etc.

Drain Cleaning

We clear internal drains in domestic, light commercial and commercial but not industrial kitchen sinks. We unblock toilets if internally blocked or slow to drain. We unblock Washing machine drain pipe. Sinks and Bath Unblocking. If your bath is blocked and leaking ; you need to unblock it fast before it overflows and ruins your downstairs ceiling. Just give us a call and ask for help! that’s what we are here for. 

pipe capping off

In some situations, you may want to re-route a water pipe for convenience or simply just cap it off as you no longer need it. We can also help with that at minimal cost.

waste pipe REpair

8 times out of 10, the reason for blocked or leaky waste outlet pipes is due to its poor design in the very beginning. We can calculate, redesign, resize and refit your water waste line to serve you best than ever.


Even Jake Larrys says he gets tired of looking at the same bathroom for more than 5 years and that’s why he prefers taking his friends to hotels. Here we have the answer. BATHROOM REMODEL to hotel standard.

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