Gas Services

24/7 Peace of Mind: Kamdem Hometech Services.

Kamdem Hometech offers comprehensive and reliable services for boilers, cookers, and gas fires. With over 17 years of experience, we are your trusted partner for all your heating and gas appliance needs.

Our Gas Safe registered technicians are dedicated to ensuring your safety and comfort. We handle everything from boiler installations, repairs, and maintenance to cooker and gas fire servicing. Our expertise guarantees efficient and reliable performance, whether it's keeping your home warm with a perfectly functioning boiler or ensuring your cooker and gas fire are operating safely.

Kamdem Hometech is committed to providing top-notch services to meet all your heating and gas appliance requirements, making your home cosy and secure.

  • Emergency Heating repair
  • Boiler Installation & repairs
  • Boiler servicing and cleaning
  • Gas Safety Certificate
  • Boiler fault finding or Diagnostic
  • Circulation pump problem
  • Thermostat not working
  • Air lock in Central Heating system
  • Leak from the tank
  • Boiler keeps losing pressure
  • Having to top up boiler pressure every time
  • Boiler flashing F1 // L1 // E119 codes
  • Boiler stopped working
  • I can smell Gas from time to time when at home
  • My neighbour complaints of the plume coming out of my boiler

Boiler Repairs

Kamdem Hometech specialises in boiler repair. Our experienced technicians swiftly diagnose and fix boiler issues, ensuring efficient and reliable heating for your home. Count on us for prompt and dependable solutions, keeping your boiler in optimal working condition.

  • Boiler repair
  • Boiler diagnostic or boiler fault finding
  • Same day repair available guarantee on all repairs

Range Cooker

We handle installations, repairs, and maintenance with precision, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Our skilled technicians deliver efficient and reliable solutions, ensuring your range cooker operates flawlessly, making your kitchen a hub of culinary delight.

  • Cooker installation
  • Cooker annual checking
  • Cooker disconnection

Gas Hob

Kamdem Hometech excels in gas hob services. Our experienced team handles installations, repairs, and maintenance for efficient and safe cooking. We ensure reliable and precise gas hob operation, making your kitchen a functional and enjoyable space.

  • Gas Hob installation
  • Gas hob annual inspection
  • Gas Hob disconnection

Landlord's Certifcate

Kamdem Hometech provides landlord's certificate services. We offer thorough inspections and certification to ensure your property meets all safety and legal requirements for renting. Our experts deliver reliable and efficient services, helping landlords maintain compliance and peace of mind.

  • Always available 24/7
  • Good rates on bulk jobs
  • Good landlords relationship

Boiler Servicing

Kamdem Hometech specializes in boiler servicing. Our experienced technicians provide thorough maintenance to keep your boiler operating at its best. We ensure efficiency and reliability, helping you avoid breakdowns and energy wastage.

  • Free annual reminders
  • Good thorough servicing and advisories
  • Servicing certificate given

Gas Fire

Kamdem Hometech excels in gas fire services. Our experts handle installations, repairs, and maintenance to ensure your gas fire operates safely and efficiently. We guarantee reliable and precise performance, adding warmth and ambiance to your living space.

  • Any types of Gas Fire installation
  • Gas fire Repair
  • Gas Fire servicing

Gas Safety Inspection

Kamdem Hometech offers comprehensive gas safety inspections. Our certified technicians meticulously examine gas systems to ensure safety and compliance with regulations. We provide reliable and efficient services, giving you peace of mind about the safety of your property.

  • Free Landlord Annual reminder from us
  • Good Landlords/Landladies relationship

Moving A Gas Pipe

Kamdem Hometech specialises in relocating gas pipes. Our skilled technicians ensure safe and efficient repositioning of gas lines to accommodate your needs. We guarantee reliable and compliant gas pipe relocation, enhancing the functionality and layout of your space.

  • Gas pipe installation to BS
  • Pipe siting and / or protection to BS
  • Always final Tightness testing for assurance

Gas Safe Engineer

Kamdem Hometech is your trusted Gas Safe engineer. Our certified technicians provide expert gas system installations, repairs, and maintenance. We ensure safety and compliance with industry standards, delivering efficient and reliable gas services.

  • Registered with Gas Safe
  • 13 Years of Gas experience
  • Competent and works smart in all Gas jobs