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Gas Hob | Gas Cooker
Gas fire
  • Emergency Heating repair
  • Boiler Repair
  • Boiler Installation
  • Boiler servicing and cleaning
  • Gas Safety Certificate
  • Boiler fault finding or Diagnostic
  • Circulation pump problem
  • Problem with the Diverter valve
  • Thermostat not working
  • Heating Timer not turning the boiler ON or OFF
  • Noisy central heating system as if there is an air lock
  • Air lock in Central Heating system
  • Leak from the tank in the loft to outside
  • Boiler keeps losing pressure
  • Having to top up boiler pressure every time
  • Boiler making a bubbling sound
  • Boiler flashing F1 code
  • Boiler flashing L1 code
  • Boiler Flashing E119
  • Error code flashing on my boiler
  • Boiler stopped working
  • Boiler making all the right sound but not firing or igniting
  • My neighbour complaints of the plume coming out of my boiler
  • I can smell Gas from time to time when at home
  • I have a gas leak

our gas services

Boiler repair

  • Boiler diagnostic or boiler fault finding
  • Same day repair available
  • Guaranty on all repairs

range cooker

  • Cooker installation
  • Cooker annual checking
  • Cooker disconnection

gas hob

  • Gas Hob installation
  • Gas hob annual inspection
  • Gas Hob disconnection

landlord's certifcate

  • Always available 24/7
  • Good rates on bulk jobs
  • Good landlords relationship

boiler servicing

  • Free annual reminders
  • Good thorough servicing and advisories
  • Servicing certificate given

gas fire

  • Any types of Gas Fire installation
  • Gas fire Repair
  • Gas Fire servicing

gas safety inspection

  • Free Landlord Annual reminder from us
  • Good Landlords/Landladies relationship

moving a gas pipe

  • Gas pipe installation to BS
  • Pipe siting and / or protection to BS
  • Always final Tightness testing for assurance

gas safe engineer

  • Registered with Gas Safe
  • 13 Years of Gas experience
  • Competent and works smart in all Gas jobs
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